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Here:  the skirt.




Naive Days 2011/12 AW Collection



Top: here and here.

Bottom: Here.

The Wheat 麦穗



This is QQ.  Isn’t she gorgeous ?!!!!

She is wearing a flower cotton pant from Naive Days,  here.


Naive Days 2011/12 AW Collection has come to the shop….

The look book of the whole collection of Naive Days 2011/12 AW, please see here.

The whole collection has come to  the shop as well, please see here.

Mongolia, Mongolia…. naive days 2011/2012 autumn and winter collection

I never thought that the years of living in Inner Mongolia at my teenage and youth time  had been building up such a strong emotional  connection to the beautiful green Mongolian Prairie.  This summer, I was back to the Prairie again then I suddenly realized why I am so attracted to colors such as: green , white, blue……It is an “inside me” who wish to express her love, emotions and strong feelings to the Prairie. Just wish my design of  this 2011/12 AW  collection could  show a slice beauty of Mongolian Prairie.
This collection is delicate to my Little Mongolian princess Sally: wish you well and lots of love to you, my dear sweetheart
I really dream that one day I would shoot the look book  of Naive Days’ collection in the beautiful Prairie of Mongolia. Will work hard for it, definitely!

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To Sonoko: 待到山花烂漫时......
Lace Bag: Here.